Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Webmaster Manpreet
Link popularity: Link popularity is a term  that refers to how many other links point towards a particular website. The term link popularity also has two different forms:
1> Internal link popularity
2> External link popularity
Internal Link Popularity:Internal link popularity means the number of links to the website from web pages that belong to the particular website. 
External link popularity:External link popularity is the number of links from outside sources that lead back to the particular website.

Link Popularity is all about how many links are pointed out towards your website through which your site placed at top position.Link popularity contains link quantity, relevance, link quality, anchor text.

There are eight methods to ranked your website through link popularity:

Article publication/Distribution:Write a unique article on topic with your web site and create an author biography (or "resource box") that mentions your site and links back to it with relevant anchor text. Once you have finished writing your article, find a resource that reprints or publishes articles in your field and features them on their own pages that receive high Page Rank values. Once the page your article appears on pages, your rankings will benefit. Always use unique content in the article for high ranking of your website.

There are some steps to write Article:
Article Title:You want to use a title that generates interest as well as utilizes your main keyword.  Time spent on coming up with a good title is well time spent. It is not always possible to come up with a title that is both interesting and contains your keywords.  When you publish your article, you will be identifying the category.  Therefore, it is sometimes more important to write a
catchy title that does not contain your keywords than to incorporate your keywords in a dull title.  As an example, I wrote an article about meditation called "The Mind is Like a Frisky Monkey" so doesn't need to write the keywords in the content use a dull title.
  • Article Length: Your article will be from 400 to 800 words in length.  It will be keyword rich, of course, but be sure not to extend the length beyond 800 to 900 words.
  • Who writes the article:Not everyone is comfortable to writing the article. If you are not good in writing then considers the ghostwriters in this case.There are many outlets for ghostwriters including to
  • Precautions about unique content: There are several places where you can post your article, on your website, to your blog and to several article directories. However, for every different location that you publish your article, you will want to change the article by at least 25%.  This is not difficult to do, simply rearrange sentences, paragraphs and headings.

Directory Submission: Directory submission is providing the one way link on the pages.The yahoo diectory is very popular for directory submission. there are several other directories are available for directory submission. This is one of the key for attaining Back links.

Link exchanges:The Internet itself is nothing more than a network of links, and mutual linking is a big part of that. Outbound links on your site can hurt your link popularity if they are of low quality and unrelated to your site's content. Incoming links from low quality or unrelated sites are a waste of time and  also affect on the ranking of your site.

Links at the bottom of your client site: If your customers have websites, you might be able to ask them to link back to your site as part of a contract. Most times these links appear next to the copyright line at the bottom of the home page. A one-way link is good, but unless your customers run the same kind of business as you do, their site content won't be relevant enough to make this a high quality link.

Links from forum signatures:Forum posting is providing a service of one way link. Most pages at a forum are only linked to from one other page,the main category of the topic. Getting links on pages with little to no link popularity themselves won't help your site much.
Some forums even use a 'nofollow' tag on outbound links as a means to curb link spammers. By all means, if you are a regular participant at forums, mention your site in your signature for the purpose of creating awareness and click-through's from forum readers.

Three way links:In this technique, a website links to another and that site links another site and that particular site links come back on the first place of site. Suppose, here we have three sites like as, website A, website B, and website C. Now website A links to website B, website B links to website C and website C links to website A. it’s called Three way link building.Three way link building is quite helpful to increased traffic to your site and improve search engine ranking.


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