Friday, 14 February 2014



Seo techniques are of two catagories:

1>White Hat SEO
2>Black Hat SEO
3>Grey Hat SEO

White Hat SEO:White hat SEO follows the following steps:
a> If white hat confirms the search engine guidelines.
b> It ensures that the web page content that is created for the readers or users but not only for search engines.
c> It ensures that the good quality of web page i.e the content that  used to create the web page should be unique.
d> It ensures that the content a search engine indexes and then subsequently ranks. If your content is not duplicated as another webpages you will ranked easily on any search engine.
e> It ensures that the useful content should be used in the webpages.
f> It ensures that it doesn't involve any deception.

Black Hat SEO : As SEO techniques are considered as black hat SEO or spam indexing if it follows the following steps:
a> To improve the ranking it involves the deception.
b> Link wheel is one of the part of Black hat SEO
c> To serving one version of page to search engine spiders/bots and another version of page to humans/visitors. 
d> Meta tag stuffing which means repeated keywords in the meta tag and that keywords are unrelated to content of your site.
e> Redirecting the user to the page that was different from the page that the search engine ranked.
f>  Keyword stuffing means to calculated the placement of keywords within a page to raise the keyword count and density of the page.
g> Creating the low quality  web pages it means the page has little content but the indexed stuffed with very similar keywords.

Grey Hat SEO: The Grey Hat SEO is the combination of both Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO.When we use the both tactics Black Hat or White Hat to rank the sites that the combination of both tactics are called Grey Hat SEO.

Note: Do not Follow the Black Hat SEO tactics because search engine indexes your content if you use keyword stuffing, meta stuffing it ranked your site at low position.So always follow White Hat Tactics.


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